• Cleaning the Rivers
    About 80% of plastic reach
    to Protect the Oceans
    We must tackle the
    the Oceans through Rivers.
    issue at source!
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Our Solution: The Blue Barriers

The Blue Barriers are a simple yet effective patented technology to stop the plastic before it gets to the Oceans and to transform it into a resource.

The Blue Barriers are designed to:

Stop waste

before it gets to the ocean

and transform it in a resource

Solve the

issue Permanently

Designed to resist to any river condition

Create job


for local communities

Improve local

waste management

to avoid waste entering in the rivers in the first place

A recent Ellen MacArthur Foundation report states that:

0 millions
metric tons of plastic currently enter the ocean every year
+0 %
this quantity is expected to double by 2030
+0 %
and quadruple by 2050, by then there will be more plastic than fish in the sea

Our partners

“We must stop plastic Ocean pollution. We must tackle the problem at source.”

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