Blue barriers

Our barriers’ advantages

  • An effective solution

    Highest collection effectiveness – close to 100% in standard conditions

  • Stop waste

    Stop also the waste under the water surface

  • Little maintenance

    Minimum maintenance required

  • Permanent solution

    Permanently Solve the issue – designed to resist to any river condition

  • Zero impact

    No Impact on River Life

  • Navigable

    No Impact on Navigability

Our solutions

A portfolio of solutions to cater for any river condition

On top of the Blue Barriers, we also offer a wide range of technical solutions to cater for any specific river condition. From physical floating barriers to bubble barriers, an appropriate solution for smaller rivers.

Blue barriers technology

our patented barriers are designed to optimally address river plastic pollution: they collect around 100% of plastic in std conditions, are affordable and require minimum maintainance. They also represent a perfect example of circular economy where the local communities benefit from the recycling of the collected plastic waste.


Standard floating barriers

These booms represent a good option in case of smaller rivers with not too strong currents. They require poles at both sides and represent a good solution in particular for canals or rivers where maintaining navigability is not required and a boom that extends from one bank to the other can be applied. In case of waterways are utilised by small vessels or kayaks the booms can be equipped with a flexible module that will allow them passing above the booms.


Bubble curtains

Similarly to the standard barriers, this solution is a good fit for smaller rivers with limited currents with the advantage of not requiring manoeuvre at all to vessels. In case of narrow canals, where space is limited, this solution might represent the best option.  In larger rivers, depending on the water flow, they are able to stop maximum 80% of plastic. If the river flow is too strong or the river is too deep, the pump has difficulties in maintaining sufficient pressure to stop the plastic. Clearly the higher the air bubble pressure the higher the energy consumption. This could worsen other aspects of overall sustainability cycle, making our Blue Barriers a more sustainable option.