Do the barriers represent an obstacle to navigation?

Yes, the Blue Barriers have been designed in order to not interfere with boats or cargo ships. The Barriers can be installed at the necessary distance one from each other in order to allow vessels to pass with only a slight variation of direction.

Can the barriers be opened in case of emergency?

Yes, the barriers are provided with an automatic system that allow them to open under a certain set pressure or and a manual one that give the opportunity to release them in case of forecasted exceptional river conditions.

Can the barriers be removed or moved in different location?

The structure has been designed in order to have the minimum impact on the river. The barriers are designed in module that can be dismantled and reused in other locations or in addition to other barriers.

Are there any negative impact on the river or riverine fauna?

The barriers effect only the superficial part of the river water column and in case of exceptional flooding where any kind of interference needs to be avoided the emergency systems will be activated and the barriers will be opened. Fish and any riverine fauna will not be affected by the barriers installation. Fish will be able to continue their transit beneath and between the barriers.

Can the barriers visual impact be reduced?

We though to different options in order to fit any river situation and any local administration request. The barriers can be coloured according to fit the background and also their top can be colonised by vegetation.

Is the estuary the only location where the barriers will be useful?

The barriers can be useful in any location where the presence of waste or dangerous debris in the river is recognised as a problem. Installed just before the estuary will protect the sea and Oceans from plastic pollution; however, installed in different areas along the river will collect not just plastics but also threes that can accumulate in critical areas, such as against bridges and create risks in case of flooding.

How the material collected will be managed?

Our objective is maximising the amount of plastics recycled and the positive impact brought by the treatment of the wood collected. We are putting in place partnerships that will allow us to make sure that recyclable plastic collected are re-introduced in the production circle and generating carbon neutral energy from the wood collected.

Are the Blue Barriers able to stop microplastics?

It is imperative for us to minimise the impact on the riverine life, and collecting microplastics and not microorganisms or transported fish eggs is not a simple task. We are currently testing the use of bubble curtains in order to intervene also on microplastics.

Why the barriers sink for a meter below the water surface?

Most of the plastics used for producing packaging can float; however, a part from polystyrene, closed bottles, the majority of the object are transported right below the surface of the water. That’s why is important that the barriers intervene also on the water column below the water surface.

Where the waste transported by the rivers come from?

River collect the mismanaged litter, when waste is not placed in bins and containers that avoid its dispersion can reach the rivers transported by winds or rain water accumulation. That’s why the most polluted rivers are long streams that cross highly populated areas where the waste collection system is not optimal.

Can I make a donation in another currency?

We accept donations in Euro, because we can receive these without paying conversion fees. The donations form on this page provides these currencies only and your payment will be converted automatically by the payment provider if your account has another currency. We will try to facilitate donations in other currencies in the future.

How do I change my recurring donation?

To alter the details of your recurring donation, please send us an email through our contact form on our contact page.

Can I have a donation receipt?

If you donate through our website donation form on this page, you will receive an automated receipt for your reference and accounting to the email provided. If you made your donation via a manual bank/wire transfer and would like a receipt, we can make one for you manually. Please send us the following information via our contact form:

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What can I do if I cannot support the project financially?

Share with your friends or share this website with your local Administrators and ask them to implement in your territory solutions to stop plastic before it gets the the Oceans, like the Blue Barriers. If you can’t support the project financially, you can still have a great impact!