Blue barriers

The most Effective and Affordable River Plastic Interception Technology

Our solutions

A portfolio of solutions to cater for any river condition

On top of the Blue Barriers, we also offer a wide range of technical solutions to cater for any specific river condition. From physical floating barriers to bubble barriers, an appropriate solution for smaller rivers.

Know-how and reliability

We have selected the best available technical partners, with 20+ years of experience in installing and maintaining river barriers worldwide. So while our technology represents the most advanced solution on the market with the highest efficiency in collecting plastic (close to 100%) , we can also guarantee maximum reliability.

Our barriers’ advantages

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An effective solution

Highest collection effectiveness – 100% in standard conditions, 92% in flooding conditions. Tested by University of Florence.

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Permanent solution

Permanently Solve the issue – designed to resist to any river condition


Stop waste

Stop also the waste under the water surface

Zero impact

No Impact on River Life


Little maintenance

Minimum maintenance required


No Impact on Navigability